Nearby Trail Warnings

Timber Down
Mar 28, 2023
Trail completely destroyed. People came back and replaced everything with dangerous jumps that aren’t well built. PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY TRAILS!...
Skills Area
Mar 18, 2023
Large tree down across trail, blocking trail
Belmont Connector
Mar 17, 2023
All other trails in great shape but Belmont Connector mostly wet with lots of rutting
Gas Line Right of Way
Mar 16, 2023
Major Water drainage issue, large mud holes. I'm not sure why this is even listed as a trail as it is not maintained and even when the rest of...
Carlo's Inferno
Feb 21, 2023
Large tree down over trail
The Freeride Area/Push Trails
Feb 18, 2023
Lots of branches and trees down, some from the closures but some from the storms a few days ago.
Feb 18, 2023
As of 6pm today Lots of trees and branches thought out the trail from last storm. Leaves have move to the trail. Had to stop a few times to get...
Cora Tables
Feb 5, 2023
All jumps closed. Trail Repair crew needs to fix them.
Catoctin Trail
Jan 11, 2023
Large tree down across trail, blocking trail
Mouse Trap
Dec 27, 2022
Large tree down across trail, blocking trail upper and lower end.